Organizing a literary analysis essay is a fairly straightforward process.  Unlike creative writing or other narrative forms, it is usually not a good idea to stray from a basic essay format.

1) Introduction
    a. Give your main idea and summarize your main points.
2) First main point (Include each of these items in a sentence or two)
    a. include why it is important
    b. include a paraphrase or quotation from the text
    c. explain the quotation and relate it to the main point of this section
    d. relate the text to the main point of your essay
    e. restate why the point is important
3) Other main points – as many as you require (follow the example above)
4) Conclusion
    a. restate your main idea and summarize your main points

It is vitally important when organizing a literary analysis essay that you use specific examples from the text.  You must clearly demonstrate that the story or poem that you are analyzing supports your analysis.